My Skin Routine

Hey gals!

Keeping a good skin care routine is so important to help your skin stay looking fresh, hydrated, and clear.  I use to be the worst at taking care of my skin.  I would sleep in my makeup all through high school, use no moisturizer, face wash, or cream.  This past year I decided to start taking care of my skin and the results have payed off.  I started taking off my makeup every night no matter how tired I am, using daily face scrub and moisturizer!  

My super secret tip to keep my skin extra hydrated and healthy is coconut oil!  Every night before bed I take off my makeup, use my IT cosmetics face wash, face cream, eye cream, and then I put on a light layer of coconut oil. In the mornings, I wash my face again and add my face cream, eye cream, and light layer of coconut oil again.  

Twice  a week I do a face mask, which only takes 10 minutes! I highly recommend focusing on how well you are taking care of your skin.  I hardly ever break out these days and it feels amazing to be confident in the way I look with no makeup on.  My skin has never felt more flawless! 

Below I have linked a great deal IT cosmetics if offering!  It includes the face wash, face cream, and eye cream that I am a firm believer in.  You can get all three for less than $50!  This is a steal!! Purchase below and start your new skin care routine today!

 Here is a link to an Organic and natural coconut oil that would be perfect for your skin care routine.

Here are the face masks I use on a weekly basis!

skin care .jpg
Grace Patterson