Self Care

Hey Gals!

Lately I have been thinking about self care a lot! The other day I was walking to class and my nails were looking horrible, my hair needed to be high-lighted, and I desperately needed a spray tan. On top of all of that, I felt over whelmed, overworked and stressed.  I thought about all the things I do throughout the day and how fast pace my life is.  

I had not taken the time to stop and take care of my body and my mind in quite some time.  
I had plans that night to see some friends so I decided to cancel and take time to take care of myself.  Taking time to pamper yourself is a MUST!  You cannot go about your days stressed and worked to maximum capacity.  Here are my top 10 go to things to do when I need to remind myself that I care about me, my body, my mind, and my own personal sanity.  

1. Get your nails done

2. Get a Spray Tan

3. Do a Facemark while reading a book or binge watching your favorite Tv show

4. Do a hair mask and a face mask while in a hot bubble bath

5. Go for a run then do some yoga and get a good stretch

6.  Eat your favorite comfort food 

7. Light a candle, close your eyes, and meditate 

8. Get a massage

9.  Cancel all of your plans for the day and go to the mall and buy one item you have been wanting

10.  Do your makeup and take some cute selfies!

It is so important to feel good about yourself and love the body that you are in.  Never forget to take care of YOU!

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Grace Patterson